Sunday, September 6, 2020

Philips brings three new headphones with ANC

Philips has introduced several new headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC). The range includes two true wireless in-ear headphones and one over-ear headphones. Specifically, these are the two true wireless models T8505 and T5505 and the over-ear headphones H9505.

While the latter will only be on the market in December 2020, you should get hold of the T8505 and T5505 in stores as early as October. According to the manufacturer, the true wireless models offer acoustically shielded housing, which should already ensure good passive noise isolation. The Philips T8505 True Wireless uses relatively large drivers with 13 mm - at least "large" for such in-ear models. There are interchangeable earplugs in three sizes for a good fit in the ear.

Connections to smartphones are made via Bluetooth 5.0. The operation takes place via the surface of the earbuds. Alternatively, a push-to-talk function enables hands-free calling with support from the Google Assistant or Apple Siri. Running time? Philips calls it up to six hours. The T8505 are charged via their charging case (via USB Type-C), which holds three charges before the next socket is due. You can also make phone calls with the plugs - it is possible to use a single earbud in mono mode. According to protection class IPX4, the headphones are also resistant to water. The T8505 is expected to be available from October at a price of 199.99 euros (RRP).

Then there is the T5505, also with ANC, but only with 8mm drivers. The other features are very similar, according to Philips, the battery life is a little shorter with up to five hours. The charging case can also provide three additional charges. The T5505 are also splash-proof according to IPX4. The T5505 is expected to be available from October at a price of 149.99 euros (RRP).

The third model in the group is the Philips H9505, over-ear headphones with ANC and 40 mm drivers. These headphones are also ready for Hi-Res audio (24-bit / 96kHz) and can be operated wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0 or with an audio cable - important for aircraft, for example. They rely on a closed design that is already passively shielding. The battery life is 20 hours. The H9505 is expected to be available from November, Philips has not yet given a price.

The Jeep showed a real luxury SUV

They ’ve been talking about resurrecting the Grand Wagoneer at Jeep for about six years . The first public version has now been completed, but they are visibly wary of the more expensive model than the Fiat Chrysler, so for the time being it has only been introduced as a study car.

The new model isn’t really special at a glance: it’s a nice big SUV that’s already offered by a relatively large number of brands in North America, perhaps in a slightly more ornate edition than the usual Jeep. However, the two-tone paint finish and the fully chrome-plated grille suggest that this model brings a different vibe to the offer than what has been characteristic of the brand so far.

The point is that the standard version of this model will also be available for purchase for around $ 60,000, and the top versions will arrive at around $ 100,000. This brings the Jeep to a foreign ground: in addition to the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade, this price range will have to compete with models from German, British and Japanese luxury brands: that's why the Audi Q7, BMW X7 or Mercedes GLS are available.

For the time being, all that is known about the future series model is that the technical foundations of the large Jeep come from the Ram 1500 pickup, and at least two versions are available, one with a shorter and one with a longer wheelbase. Based on the photos, it’s hard to judge what the Grand Wagoneer’s sense of quality has become - the factor that has made the more expensive Jeeps receive the most criticism in the past, but there’s no question that competitiveness in the premium category depends primarily on that.

However, the study is probably one of the cars featuring most monitors: only four LCD screens were placed on the dashboard and three more in the rear seat row, so five out of a possible seven passengers are sure to have some kind of mouse cinema. In addition, the on-board electronics program is new: the fifth generation of the connect system is said to be many times faster than the four major versions used in current series models.

Although the Grand Wagoneer is now officially still a study, it is said to be very close to the finished state. Production may start as early as next year, so the series version is expected to be introduced in the next quarter.

The Best Programs For WiFi Connection In Windows 10

Who else and who is less sure has discovered that their Internet connection is suddenly slower than normal and they do not know what the reason is. At a glance, we can tell if there is a problem with our ISP if the router's Internet light is solid red, flashing red, or not on. In this case, we must contact customer service and report the possible failure.

However, there are many other reasons or reasons why our connection may become unstable or slow down. In this case, it is better that we have an application that allows us to manage our WiFi network under Windows 10.

One option to change or review some of our network settings is to enter the settings of the router itself, however the information it provides and the settings we have access to may be limited. That is why a good option is to use an application that has been developed to help us control the different aspects or factors that can influence the proper functioning of our network, channels, signal level, saturation, interference, etc.

Applications to control your WiFi network in Windows 10

One of the main difficulties is knowing what the reason for the connection problems is, therefore, a very useful application can be the one that allows us to carry out a general diagnosis of our wireless network in order to know the real status and which one can be . be our problem.

Network diagnostics
In this sense, one of the applications that we can use is Acrylic Wi-Fi Home. It is a software from which we can completely free ourselves from the official website of the tool and that allows us to know all the available access points and within our reach, analyze the signal level, review the WiFi channels to know which is the best for us in each case, check the configuration, check factory passwords, etc.

To start using Acrylic Wi-Fi Home the first thing we have to do is go to its official website, enter our name and email address and we will automatically receive an email with the download link. . We click on the file that has been saved on our computer and the installation wizard will automatically appear.

Signal or connection problems
One of the common problems is that within the same house there are certain places where the WiFi signal does not reach the power it should and that means that we cannot navigate or at least in sweetness. To know the range of our wireless network and solve some signal or connection problems, we can download and install the NetSpot tool on our Windows 10 computer.

This is an application capable of creating a map to show the range and quality of the signal of our wireless network throughout the house. In this way, we can know the scope of our network based on the location of our router. Therefore, in addition to helping us to detect if the connection problem is due to the signal not reaching a certain point, it makes it easier for us to know where is the best place to place the router.

Some things, like thick walls or waves emitted by other devices, can affect the intensity and range of our signal. With NetSpot, we can find all these details easily. Download NetSpot .

This section also includes another interesting tool, WirelessNetView . It is a fairly experienced application developed by Nirsoft and very easy to use. In addition, it is portable, so we can take it and run it on the computer wherever we want without the need for facilities.

The tool shows us important information to correctly choose the ideal channel for our wireless network. One of the main problems of our Internet connection is the amount of interference that we can find with the WiFi networks of our neighbors. Therefore, selecting a suitable channel will help us improve the performance of our network.

It shows negative dBm values ​​to know the strength of the signal, the frequency at which each SSID has been detected, as well as the MAC addresses and IP addresses of each connected device or to be able to detect open WiFi networks.

Homedale is another of the most popular applications when we talk about tools that allow us to measure the signal strength of our wireless network. It is a free and easy-to-use software that shows the signal strength of the networks that surround us or that are within our reach. In addition, it offers information on the frequencies of each of them and has a location detector to send the exact position through Google maps. Needless to say, it also shows data like SSID, MAC address, signal strength, and the strength of each network, etc.

How To improve your internet connection

It is quite a headache for many to have a fast and effective internet connection at home. One in which the image and voice do not freeze when in the middle of a meeting by video call from work, or that allows that while some enjoy a movie on a streaming platform, another member of the family can download all the information that you need to study without any fright.

And this scenario has become even more prevalent with the pandemic, when millions have had to replace offices and classrooms with the corners of their homes in order to work or study . Which, without a doubt, has meant a greater demand for the internet they have.

And although it is very common to point the finger at the operator that provides the broadband service in the home to blame him for the problems, the truth is that there are many points that are involved when the signal that arrives is the most optimal. This guide will help you identify what the problem is.

1. Equipment technology
Do you know what technology your device supports? This can be an important factor when buying a tech gadget for your home.

Currently, most computers or cell phones come with Wi-Fi standards that allow for an optimal connection - either Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6; However, if you have a computer with more than a decade, it is likely that the solution to your network problems is to find a new one and the fault is not with your operator, or the quality of the signal emitted by your router.

On the other hand, it is true that there are devices on the market that can offer you better connectivity, either by supporting a more modern Wi-Fi protocol or by having a more powerful reception antenna.

2. Check the wifi protocol
It is likely that if you have a router that your operator gave you 8 years ago, it has an old and obsolete protocol that is the cause of your connection problems. The best option, if you don't have your own router, is to call your internet provider for an update. The latest Wi-Fi protocol is Wi-Fi 6, and although it doesn't represent a giant change in speed, it does allow more devices to work simultaneously.

3. Include a router
A good option to improve your internet connection is to buy a router that distributes the Wi-Fi signal in your home, that is, connected to the modem-router that your operator gives you. In the market there are not so expensive options that are better than those offered by operators. These routers can be between 160,000 and 450,000 pesos , the important thing is that the wifi protocol is at least 5; that operates in 2.5 Ghz and 5 Ghz; that has MU-MIMO technology and is from a recognized brand such as Linksys, Netgear or Tp-Link. There are also them with wifi 6 and suitable for mesh systems.

4. Wire
The best way to have a stable connection with the highest speed that your provider offers is to wire. If you can, wire the apartment or the whole house, don't hesitate, but if that's too difficult in your case, at least have your main computer, the one you use the most, connected to the cable modem-router . You will notice the difference. And the rest, by wifi.

5. House materials
If it works over Wi-Fi, it is key that you pay attention to the materials that surround your router and / or that your signal will have to pass through to provide a good connection: concrete, a metal door or a mirror can significantly affect the correct distribution of our wireless signal at home. Wood, on the other hand, is not a great enemy of our signal. And the brick is somewhere in between. Consider this when deciding where in your home to distribute your wireless signal.

6. Location of the modem-router
Finding an open and central space in your home, to install the router, and in height, is the general recommendation. The other option is to put it near where most of the devices that are going to use the internet are concentrated and cover the rest with signal repeaters. The closer your computer or device to the modem the more speed you will achieve.

7. Do the signal extenders work?
They can be a cheaper solution if more coverage is needed, especially in large houses with two or more floors, since it is very possible that the signal that the router gives you is not going to be enough to effectively reach every corner.

“Although it is a coverage option, there is the possibility of having jumps in the network. In other words, if I am on a video call and go up to the second floor, it is possible that due to the jumps between the router and the extender the communication will drop out ”, indicates Jorge Rueda, commercial manager for the Andean Countries of Linksys, who explains that in this In this case, a degradation of the signal can be registered and "if on the first floor I have 100 megabytes, on the second I can have 50 megabytes."

8. Measure your signal
Currently there are several free applications to download on your cell phone or laptop that allow you to measure the strength and stability of your Wi-Fi signal at different points in your home. One example is WiFi Analyzer, but there are many more . This will let you know which is the best position for your router or if you need to change transmission channel because there are many neighbors on your channel.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

How to efficiently free up space on your iPhone or iPad

Who has never got upset when, when taking a photo, an error message indicates full storage and prompts to delete data? It is therefore impossible to capture the moment, unless you eliminate the heaviest apps or videos.

Unless you know which apps to remove, the task turns out to be tedious and quite disturbing. Fortunately, the iPhone and iPad have a lot of options to activate that effectively frees up space.

Sort photos and videos

This is unfortunately the hardest method, but also the most effective. We know the space that the photos of our smartphone can take, and the increasing quality will not help matters. Thus, if we can still advise you to reduce the quality of video images, you will still have to go through the photo library to free up space.

However, before deleting your files, you can transfer them via iTunes to your computer or hard drive. This will make sure you keep your pictures in a safe place without having to get rid of them permanently.

However, it is possible to free up space by going through the settings of your device. Go to Settings, then in the Photos section. There you will find a whole slew of settings.

Start by turning off the photo stream there. This will prevent your device from backing up photos from other devices where the option is also enabled. Also turn off the Shared Albums option, which can send you photos of people to whom you have subscribed. You can, however, turn on iCloud Photos. This will store all your photos in your iCloud account and save a considerable amount of storage on your smartphone or tablet.

If you return to the previous screen, you can also enter the Camera related settings. We can advise you to deactivate the option Keep original for HDR. As for the video shooting settings, you can easily go to 1080p at 30 fps. Unless your video is intended for broadcast, 1080p is more than enough on its own on a small smartphone screen.

Finally, it is also possible to see which videos take up the most space on your device. To do this, go back to the settings home, go to the General section, then iPhone storage. If you click on Photos and scroll down, you will be given the option to view personal videos. So you will be able to know which videos weigh the most and do not deserve a place on your device.

Turn on iCloud storage

It's not huge, but your basic Apple account entitles you to 5GB of headed cloud storage. If you have more than 5 GB of photos, videos and files (which is most likely the case), then you will have to turn to the competition: Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can also consider a monthly subscription from Apple which you will then give access to more space. The prices are not very high there, hear 0.99 € / month for 50 GB, 2.99 € for 500 GB and 9.99 € for 2 TB.

If you have a Mac with macOS Catalina installed, this can be done directly from the Finder. On a Mac where MacOS is older, or on a PC, open iTunes. Then connect your device to your computer. You should receive an alert on it, telling you that a new version of the OS is available. Otherwise, go to your device settings on the computer, and Check for updates. You can then download the available ones and install them.

Sort in Messages

You don't always think about it, but messages can also contain data that takes up space. Organizing their cleaning after a certain period of time can be quite useful. Let's not kid ourselves, this won't release huge amounts of GB. However, if you do this regularly, it could also allow your cell phone to lighten up.

Here again you have to go to the device settings to configure the sorting of messages. Go to the Messages tab then scroll down to the Message history section, and press Keep messages. Thus, you can choose between 30 days and 1 year the recurrence at which your smartphone deletes the messages received.

It is also possible to delete attachments exchanged in an iMessage conversation. If it is a photo or video, they are often heavy and clutter the device. In a conversation, press the name of your correspondent in the notch above, then the small information i. You will find the attachments that can be deleted.

Clean up Safari

Like all computer browsers, Safari on a mobile device also collects and stores cookies, history and data from the websites you visit. You would be surprised to see the weight of certain cookies and the space they take up on your terminal. Everything is done, once again, in the settings of the device.
In the device settings, scroll down to those concerning Safari. Once in the tab, you will find the option Clear history, site data below. Be careful though. By activating the option, this will have the effect of deleting your entire history, but also the cookies collected on the sites you have visited. Cookies allow you to save your preferences on certain sites, such as automatic connection.

If, however, you don't want to delete all of a sudden, you can go down to the Advanced tab. Thus, it will be possible to choose on which sites you no longer wish to keep this data. It might seem ridiculous to you, but deleting several data of several tens of MB can quickly amount to one or two GB.

Here you can go directly to the application settings to delete these files. However, if you go to the device settings, you will get a more comprehensive view of these large files. Still in the iPhone / iPad settings, head to General then iPhone Storage. You will find the app in which you downloaded these media files, like Netflix or Music.

Brabham BT62R Car Review For Buy Or Not

Brabham presents its BT62 supercar in a “street legal” version, ie approved for road use. No need to rush to book it. Its price excluding tax and penalty is very high: € 1.4 million (£ 1.25 million) while the Competition and Ultimate Track versions “only cost” € 844,000 (£ 750,000) and € 1.13 million. (£ 1m). The second very important point for putting the car on road asphalt is its approval, “only for certain markets”, specifies the Australian manufacturer, “according to local legislation and potential customers”. Two versions of the BT62R are offered, Signature and Celebration sporting one of the 35 winning Brabham decorations in the F1 Grand Prix.

The big differences between this road version of the BT62 (read here) and the pistarde are at the level of the aerodynamics: front bumper (splitter), rear diffuser and spoiler are specific and less important. Note the appearance of an engine air intake on the roof. The ride height is adjustable via a button on the instrument panel, varying from 70 to 130 mm. The exhaust is less free in order to respect a regulatory noise level. The pneumatic installation is entrusted to Goodyear with semi-slick Eagle F1 SuperSport.
The interior treatment follows the same search for “comfort”: better thermal and soundproofing, air conditioning, heated windshield, more welcoming carbon fiber bucket seats covered in leather and / or Alcantara with contrasting stitching, sky roof covered with Alcantara, remote door locking, audio system and custom internal storage compartments. The instrument panel features a new digital control panel with an option to revert to the track-oriented display for track use. Rear view camera back view is available.

The engine of the Brabham BT62R uses the naturally aspirated 5.4L V8 of the Competition and Ultimate Track versions. It develops a power of 710 hp (522 kW at 7400 rpm) and 667 Nm (at 6200 rpm) of torque and its mapping is specific to road use. This V8, mounted longitudinally in the rear center position, measures 94 mm of bore and 97 mm of stroke, ie 5,387 cm3. The compression ratio is 10.5: 1. Its base is the 5.0L Ford “Coyote” V8 found on the Mustang . Many versions of this V8 from the Modular Ford family are available, with the blue oval marque using it in a 5.2L “Voodoo” version to power the Mustang GT350 / R (2018).

In this iteration, the V8 is fitted with a flat crankshaft and produces 533 hp (392 kW at 7,500 rpm) and 582 Nm (at 4,750 rpm), with a higher compression ratio of 12.0: 1 . The 94mm bore is the same, only the 93mm stroke has been changed to 97mm. Christian Reynolds, Australian director of Brabham Automotive , which oversees manufacturing of the BT62 at the Adelaide plant, has confirmed that the V8 engine is supplied by a third party and then heavily modified by the company. The block is assisted by a 6-speed sequential gearbox, with paddles on the steering wheel, whose gear ratio has been revised to be suitable for road use.

Owners of the “Signature Series” have complete freedom of the color of their car while those of the “Celebration Series” version will be able to choose from one of the 35 racing liveries celebrating the 35 victories of the Brabham team in Formula 1 . The chosen livery is exclusive and will never be reproduced. Owners of the “Celebration Series” also receive additional luxury treatments, including gold badges and Brabham's own “Track Pack”, including the rear spoiler, front splitter and rear diffuser with track variants, offering the road BT62R the same aerodynamic properties and downforce as the circuit BT62.

Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Throw laser projector

We are updating this good plan to report that there are hardly any copies left in stock for the Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Throw 5000 Ansi Lumens laser projector. This is the last chance to take advantage of this deal.

The Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Throw 5000 Ansi Lumens laser projector
It is a laser projector which has made a solid reputation, recognized as being one of the most efficient currently available. The Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Throw is a very high-end device.

Good news, the Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Throw 5000 Ansi Lumens laser projector is currently at a reduced price on the Banggood online merchant through the use of a discount coupon. With this promo code, the price is reduced to 1146.49 euros (excluding optional shipping guarantee). Also, when using the "EU Priority Mail" delivery method, delivery is included in the price.

It is by following this link that you will have access to this offer. At the order validation stage,. Care must be taken as the use of this coupon is limited among all Banggood customers. Only the fastest will be able to benefit from it.

What is impressive about Xiaomi's video projector is the quality of its image as well as its recoil. It is a laser projector equipped with an ultra short focal length as well as a wide angle lens. With this, the Xiaomi video projector needs an extremely small minimum recoil of just 50 centimeters, yet still allowing an image to be displayed up to 150 inches diagonally (approximately 3.8 meters). What to eliminate the risk of seeing the shadow of a person passing between the lens and the screen. The image is very bright with 5000 lumens, and its static contrast is 3000: 1.

Another interesting point: Xiaomi's video projector is very well equipped for sound reproduction with a sound bar of 3 speakers facing the spectators. Thus, the unit outputs quality sound (suitable for DTS and Dolby Digital). The on-board microprocessor is the T968 Cortex-A53 with four cores clocked at 1.8GHz / 64bbit, accompanied by a quantity of 2 GB of DDR3 RAM (RAM) and 16 GB of eMMC flash storage memory (ROM).

The explanation is simple: this international merchant sells Hi-Tech products, ranging from cell phones to quadcopters and connected objects, at prices often cheaper than what the traditional behemoths of online sales offer.

This is the originality of the Banggood merchant. We know well the well-known merchants in France such as Amazon and eBay, Cdiscount or Rakuten (ex Price-Minister). Banggood, for its part, is a merchant targeting the whole world whose borderless growth is fully assumed. You will notice that the prices presented fluctuate subtly from day to day. This is the consequence of the evolution of currencies between the euro displayed for an Internet user located in Europe and the dollar taken for reference.

Also: you will notice that the number of products available is large ... and at the same time limited. There is a reason: there are products from renowned Asian brands like Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus for smartphones, DJI for drones, without the generally unavoidable brands such as Apple or Samsung.

Casio launches the G-SHOCK G-SQUAD GBD-H1000 with GPS and heart rate monitor

Casio has launched in Argentina its smart watch G-SHOCK G-SQUAD GBD-H1000 , a model that has a heart rate monitor and GPS . Accompanied by a resistant design characteristic of the G-SHOCK line, ideal for training routines.

The G-SHOCK G-SQUAD GBD-H1000 smartwatch has an optical sensor that measures heart rate, and also has an altitude and barometric pressure measurement up to 10,000 meters. It has a sensor for compass direction, along with a fourth sensor that measures the ambient temperature . Casio's proposal is completed with the acceleration sensor that measures the steps and the distance traveled, a feature that is complemented by the integrated GPS .

Among its different functions, the G-SHOCK G-SQUAD GBD-H1000 allows to calculate the maximum value of VO2, which indicates the cardiopulmonary capacity , while the connection with the mobile application G-SHOCK Move allows to manage the history of the records, such as the calories burned and the distance traveled .

The G-SHOCK G-SQUAD GBD-H1000 is equipped with a high definition and contrast LCD screen , accompanied by non-slip buttons that allow easy and intuitive operation of its functions. This Casio model allows dual charging , both with solar power and via a USB connection , and is available in three color options : black , red and a third model that combines a black and red design .

Battle Royale games war between China and India: After PUBG ban, FAU-G is now born

India announced on Friday the launch of FAU-G, a native alternative to the popular Chinese mobile action game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), banned two days ago by the Indian government along with 117 other Chinese applications amid border tension.

The game “Guards Brave and United” (FAU-G), will be distributed by the company based in the southern city of Bangalore nCore Games, which proclaims itself “the leading distributor of mobile games in India ”.

FAU-G's announcement comes two days after the Indian Government decided to add to the list of blocked Chinese mobile applications (59 in June, including the well-known TikTok, and 47 in July, mostly clones of the former) another 118, mostly from China, as border tension continued.
Among the prohibited applications was the game Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, developed by the Chinese digital giant Tencent and which until then had its main market in India with 175 million downloads, according to data from the specialized consultancy Sensor Tower.

Now, the businessman Vishal Gondal, advisor and investor of nCore Games announced on his Twitter account, the company "is proud to announce the action game Fearless And United-Guards, FAU-G", of whose net income 20% is will donate to a trust for the benefit of Indian soldiers created by the Government.

The actor and film producer from the powerful Bollywood film industry Akshay Kumar, who will mentor the video game and has more than 38 million followers on Twitter, explained that “in addition to entertainment, players will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers ”.

The news of the realization of the game has been widely celebrated by users on social networks, although no specific date of distribution has transpired, nor whether it will be limited to mobile devices or if it will have other versions.

The FAU-G announcement is articulated within the campaign for a "self-sufficient India", promoted by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and comes on a day in which New Delhi and Beijing try to smooth things over to avoid escalation of their border clashes.

India this week accused the Chinese Army of further "provocations" over the weekend and Monday at the border, while a Chinese spokesman called on New Delhi to "immediately" withdraw "troops who illegally crossed" the border.

This new crisis comes after the worst incident of its kind in 45 years in the western Himalayas on June 15, in which at least 20 Indian soldiers died and 76 were injured. China, for its part, reported no casualties. 

WhatsApp Announces 6 Previously Undisclosed Vulnerabilities

WhatsApp has created a new information page in line with the feedback from users. This page, which was given information about the security vulnerabilities in the application, revealed 6 security vulnerabilities that have not been disclosed until now. According to WhatsApp's statement, these vulnerabilities did not affect any user.

WhatsApp , the world's most popular instant messaging application with more than 2 billion users , is therefore one of the first targets of hackers. WhatsApp has created a new information page to be more transparent about the attacks on the feedback it receives from users. WhatsApp's new information page also mentions 6 vulnerabilities that have never been disclosed until now  .

It is stated that 5 of the 6 vulnerabilities specified in the new notification page created by WhatsApp were closed on the day they were detected. Stating that it takes a few days to close 1 security vulnerability, WhatsApp stated that although some security vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely, users can not find evidence that they are affected by these vulnerabilities.

According to the information on the new WhatsApp page, approximately 1/3 of the detected vulnerabilities were reported through the application's "Bug Bounty" award program. Expressing that other vulnerabilities were discovered during automated systems and regular checks, WhatsApp underlined that they care about security vulnerabilities .

According to the statements made by WhatsApp, the information page will  be updated monthly . In addition, WhatsApp will be able to update this notification page without waiting for the update cycle as soon as it discovers a security issue that should alert users  . Users will be able to learn about all past security vulnerabilities and risks dating back to 2018 through this information page. You can access the page created by WhatsApp with the title of " Security Advice " by using the link found.

What are these OnePlus Buds really worth?


OnePlus recently introduced its first true wireless headphones. The brand relies on a well-known design and an attractive price-performance ratio. What are these OnePlus Buds really worth?
Presented at the same time as the OnePlus Nord , the OnePlus Buds are the brand's first true wireless headphones. With a design strongly inspired by AirPods, a nice little case, a nice promise of autonomy and above all a reasonable price, these headphones have it all, especially for OnePlus fans. Let's see if the brand can succeed in convincing a slightly larger audience .


Many manufacturers have taken the design from the stem of the famous AirPods , but OnePlus has gone all the way and offers so - called “ open-fit  ” headphones  : they do not fit into the ear canal, but just land in the ear. ear conch . So, unlike in-ear headphones, the OnePlus Buds don't cause this plugging effect, but it's important to understand that this open-fit design doesn't allow any sound isolation . Some will see the advantage of not being cut off from the outside world (being able to hear the cars coming for example), others will be disappointed to hear their metro neighbors.

There is no question here of proving one argument or another right, but it is clear that it is quickly necessary to increase the volume to hear your music, and it is never good for the eardrums - do not Don't count on active noise reduction , since OnePlus Buds don't have it.

As a guide, setting the volume to 30% was enough for me to hear my music without problem in a house or any other quiet place, but count 50% of the volume in a quiet bus and 75% in a shopping street or metro. You can tell that pushing the volume up to this level is anything but ideal for the ears, but that's not surprising for open-fit headphones . In short, the OnePlus Buds are not the best choice for outdoor use.

Like the AirPods, the OnePlus Buds play the universal shape card and therefore do not come with different sizes of tips : the headphones are supposed to fit the ears of as many people as possible. No problem on my end, they slide in easily and stay in place, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will fit everyone . The headphones each carry a total of three microphones, including one at the end of the rod: this choice of design is therefore not purely aesthetic and should provide a reasonable call quality - answer a little further in this test.

Despite their affordable price, the OnePlus Buds do not ignore the quality of manufacture. The finishes may not be at the level of a high-end product, but they are still very neat, and give a beautiful appearance to the headphones. Be careful though, the shiny plastic coating seems to take shocks quite easily, especially since the headphones are relatively slippery in the hands and it is quite difficult to take them out of the case.

 Exactly, let's talk about the latter. Shaped like a flattened egg, it's reminiscent of the Pixel Buds , and that's not a bad thing. It is indeed compact enough to be carried in a jeans pocket , which makes it very pleasant to use on a daily basis. The case hinge has no play and therefore seems resistant, which is not the case for all models tested. For those crazy about the case, know that its closure produces a satisfactory sound, but not up to that of AirPods.


Good news, the OnePlus Buds are compatible with Google's Fast Pair pairing . The first connection is thus very fast, since it suffices to open the case next to a recent Android phone and wait for the small animation window to appear . It's always nice to see Android manufacturers mimic the iOS experience - at least for connecting wireless headphones.

After two weeks of use I would set the connection to be stable. I only deplore a few rare micro-cuts , which certainly slightly alter the experience, but which do not in any way slow down daily use. As for the range, it is similar to other models with Bluetooth 5.0. Understand that it is sufficient for classic uses - beware of thick walls indoors. Outdoors, you should not move more than 20 meters from your phone .

With its “Fnatic” game mode, OnePlus promises 103ms latency on some mobile games - it works great on Call of Duty Mobile . This experience is available for all the brand's phones from the OnePlus 6. For the other phones, nothing particularly to report in terms of latency. The latter is noticeable on mobile games, and classic platforms like YouTube and Netflix anyway compensate for the slight delay between the headphones and the source.


Each earpiece offers a single action, triggered with a double tap on the touch surface. By default, the same action is configured on both headphones: a double press on the left or on the right will start the next music. It is possible to change this, but on one condition: do it with a OnePlus phone. Yes, the brand has decided to prioritize its customers - or to disadvantage others. Worse yet, the headphones can only be updated with a OnePlus phone .

The music is also automatically paused as soon as one of the headphones is removed from the ear . The presence of this feature, now essential for wireless headphones dedicated to daily use, is always welcome, especially when it is working. This is the case here, the headphones aren't extremely responsive, but the delay is more than reasonable - allow a second for the music to pause, or resume. Note that the music will be sent to the headphones if and only if they are inserted in the ears: restarting the music manually from the phone will not change this.

The headphones fit easily into the case and are positioned correctly in their slots. Please understand that it is not necessary to check if they are correctly placed before closing the case. The magnetic connectors keep the headphones securely in place , and I was never surprised to see that they weren't charged when taking them out of the case. This point is important, since having tested several models of wireless headphones, not being sure that the headphones are correctly positioned in their case is a real obstacle to use.

The Buds are not intended for sports use, but they still benefit from an IPX4 certification - enough to withstand a light rain. No problem running behind the bus, but using headphones for your workout is not the best idea, since they tend to slip out of the ears little by little. I therefore advise you not to use them for your sports sessions , unless you take the time to reposition them after each sudden movement. Again, it all depends on the shape of your ears.

Buds are the most pleasant to use on a daily basis . That's good, they are made for that. The headphones are comfortable enough that you quickly forget them, but they do make you feel slightly after 2-3 hours of listening - just putting them back on was enough to stop the slight discomfort on my side.


The OnePlus Buds offer sound that lives up to the price they charge. This is not the sound performance of the year, but we do not necessarily ask more of this type of product. The target audience wants headphones capable of correctly transcribing any type of music. This is the case here. The overall rendering is then easily qualified as balanced .

The voices are well transcribed and the bass is felt, but without madness. Be careful not to push the volume beyond 80% since the hearing discomfort will be felt more quickly. Precisely, the rendering is sometimes a little more messy with music loaded with instruments. Rock songs are therefore not the most pleasant to listen to: the guitar for example tends to tire too quickly. Too bad, especially since the lack of real passive isolation forces us to increase the volume to cover ambient noise.

Keep in mind that if you are already used to the sound offered by wireless headphones, you will not be out of place with the OnePlus Buds. They do the job for home-work use .
Finally, let's move on to the call quality offered by the Buds, which is neither brilliant nor particularly bad. The behavior remains (not surprisingly) similar to the competitors in this price bracket: my interlocutor can hear me perfectly in a quiet place, and more difficult outside . We expected a little more, especially with a microphone under the stem of the headphones. To name but a few, AirPods offer much clearer and more defined voice reproduction during calls - but are sold at double the price.

On its site, OnePlus says that its headphones are equipped with a "unique noise cancellation algorithm" during calls, enough to remain audible in the presence of wind for example. Failed, at least according to the "But are you in the water or what?" From my dear mother.


OnePlus promises up to 7 hours of battery life for its headphones , and up to 30 hours with the case. This 7 hour figure has been tested with 50% volume depending on the brand. For my part, I did the test with 30% and 75% volume. The first corresponds, as explained previously, to a use made in a very quiet place, and the second in a noisy place - metro, street with a lot of traffic.

So at 30% volume, it took 6 hours and 37 minutes for the first earbud to turn off . The second resisted 20 minutes more, bringing the score closer to the announced autonomy. At 75% of volume, the difference is not obvious, since the first earbud to switch off did so after 6 hours and 10 minutes. The autonomy offered by the OnePlus Buds is therefore at the top of the basket, easily surpassing the majority of its competitors .

It is especially on the speed of the recharge that we expect OnePlus, which for several years offers a very fast charge on its phones - now called Warp Charge . The brand announces that a 10-minute charge offers 2 hours of listening . So I waited for the Buds to discharge completely before putting them all stack for 10 minutes in their case. They then went from 0% to 30%, and took 2 hours and 5 minutes to fully discharge, with a volume of 75%. The case lost a little over 10% during this rapid recharge of the headphones.

Also and according to my tests, it only takes 40 minutes in the case for the headphones to fully charge . Once the headphones and the case are completely discharged, allow just 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge everything. Good news, the headphones go to sleep fairly quickly, which helps conserve battery power when not in their case. I performed several tests, and after 3, 5 or even 15 hours, the OnePlus Buds still remained within the ten percentages they were in before disconnection.

the excellent Jabra Elite 85h is on sale

The Elite 85h headset from Jabra was released a little over a year ago and has some great features. At this time when a battle rages between the XM3 from Sony or the QC35 from Bose, the Jabra Elite 85h deserves your attention just as much. It also offers very good quality with functions and capabilities that have made the strength of its competitors. Especially since its premium design could crack anyone. For our part, we appreciate this type of helmet, namely Circumauricular. This style of headset sits around the ear and does not lean against it. A big advantage which allows to use it for long hours without being disturbed by any pressure or discomfort.The headphones are available on Amazon for a price of € 199.99 instead of € 249.99 or € 50 immediate reduction. The Jabra Elite 85h is more than worth your attention as you may fall in love with the sound quality and features it offers.

Very good audio quality

This headset offers two very good quality 40mm transducers. Its competitors offer fairly similar diameters on this point no difference. However, the architecture of the headset, the quality of the transducers allow the Jabra Elite 85 h to perform well. Of course, it only offers the SBS codec (originally Bluetooth codec). Nevertheless, the manufacturer has drawn on the capabilities of the codec to the maximum to offer very good sound quality. However, an update from September 4, 2019 includes the AAC codec which extends the Bluetooth audio quality of the product. In terms of treble and mids, this headphone is doing very well. However, the bass is a little too present. That said, you will be able to fix this small defect through the application.

Active noise reduction

The Jabra Elite 85h offers active noise reduction that comes with eight microphones. They work in groups, the first one is used to capture the voice perfectly and the other is used to capture the surrounding noises in order to refine the active noise reduction. This works automatically or manually using the Jabra Sound Plus application available on Android and iOS. A significant number of microphones compared to those of the XM3 or the Bose QC 35.

This allows us later to talk to you about the "Hear Through" mode. This mode is already present on some helmets. In particular, it captures all the sounds around you. It gives the impression of not wearing a helmet. The microphones are therefore constantly working. This mode can be activated from the physical buttons of the headset.

The Elite 85h headset from Jabra was released a little over a year ago and has some great features. At this time when a battle rages between the XM3 from Sony or the QC35 from Bose, the Jabra Elite 85h deserves your attention just as much. It also offers very good quality with functions and capabilities that have made the strength of its competitors. Especially since its premium design could crack anyone. For our part, we appreciate this type of helmet, namely Circumauricular. This style of headset sits around the ear and does not lean against it. A big advantage which allows to use it for long hours without being disturbed by any pressure or discomfort.The headphones are available on Amazon for a price of € 199.99 instead of € 249.99 or € 50 immediate reduction. The Jabra Elite 85h is more than worth your attention as you may fall in love with the sound quality and features it offers.


Very good audio quality
This headset offers two very good quality 40mm transducers. Its competitors offer fairly similar diameters on this point no difference. However, the architecture of the headset, the quality of the transducers allow the Jabra Elite 85 h to perform well. Of course, it only offers the SBS codec (originally Bluetooth codec). Nevertheless, the manufacturer has drawn on the capabilities of the codec to the maximum to offer very good sound quality. However, an update from September 4, 2019 includes the AAC codec which extends the Bluetooth audio quality of the product. In terms of treble and mids, this headphone is doing very well. However, the bass is a little too present. That said, you will be able to fix this small defect through the application.

Active noise reduction

The Jabra Elite 85h offers active noise reduction that comes with eight microphones. They work in groups, the first one is used to capture the voice perfectly and the other is used to capture the surrounding noises in order to refine the active noise reduction. This works automatically or manually using the Jabra Sound Plus application available on Android and iOS. A significant number of microphones compared to those of the XM3 or the Bose QC 35.

This allows us later to talk to you about the "Hear Through" mode. This mode is already present on some helmets. In particular, it captures all the sounds around you. It gives the impression of not wearing a helmet. The microphones are therefore constantly working. This mode can be activated from the physical buttons of the headset.

The ergonomics of the 85h

The weight of the helmet is also an asset. This one weighs only 296 grams, a slightly higher weight than its competitors but the build quality quickly makes you forget this one. No to touch. The Jabra Elite 85h has a fully physical button on the sides of the helmet. Like it or not, however, this inadvertently avoids pressing an unwanted key. The headset arch is also very successful, it supports the weight of the transducers so as not to have too much headache after a few hours of use.
The app is essential for the Jabra Elite 85h to function perfectly.

You can have a lot of information on the battery for example. You will also be able to adjust the active reduction according to the pre-recorded modes. The sound equalization can at the same time be adjusted to your liking thus allowing the bass to stand out better compared to the treble and mids. Another strong point is that these headphones speak French! You can also choose the language from the application.

A very good battery

Let's talk about the battery of the headphones, it is still a point not to be overlooked especially if you use it during your travels. This can last nearly 36 hours with active noise reduction against 41 hours without.Very good results compared to its competitors. The Elite 85h is rechargeable directly via USB-C. For a full charge it will take about two and a half hours. Don't you have time? Do you have to leave quickly? Know that with fifteen minutes of charge you can have five hours of listening. It offers Bluetooth 5.0, a very good asset for the stability of the connection between your device and the headset. You can still connect it with a mini jack cable. It is compatible with all voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and even Alexa.

In short, this Jabra Elite 85h is an excellent audio headset that can follow you for long hours listening to metal, electro or even soul. It is available on Amazon for € 199.99 instead of € 249.99 or € 50 immediate reduction!

The popularity of the Bentley Flying Spur is timeless

The Bentley Flying Spur broke the barrier of 40,000 cars as the most popular sports luxury sedan in the world. The model is now in its brand new third generation, with the only element that connects it to 2005, when it was first released, to be its global popularity. Even the name has changed! The model's original name as Continental Flying Spur was later changed to Flying Spur to separate the model from the Continental GT. Over the years, the Flying Spur has become a symbol of a combination of sporty character and unique performance with absolute comfort, in a four-door limousine body.
Bentley Flying Spur

With an emphatic and exciting presence on the road, as well as a luxurious cabin that offers unrivaled levels of comfort and handmade quality, the Flying Spur perfectly satisfies both the driver and the passengers, as it combines British craftsmanship with innovative technology.
At the same time, all generations of the Flying Spur have been designed, developed and built at Bentley's headquarters in Crewe, where the production milestone is celebrated by a skilled workforce of designers, engineers and skilled craftsmen. Each of the 40,000 cars built has spent more than 100 hours on an exclusive production line, with a team of 250 people meticulously completing each Flying Spur in hand. Once completed and subjected to hundreds of quality checks, the car is shipped to its demanding owner, in one of Bentley's 68 different countries worldwide.

Note that with 40,000 Flying Spurs built in 15 years, approximately 50% has been sold in Bentley's two largest markets, China and the United States. about 10%, while proving the true international charm of the model, the remaining 40% of cars are enjoyed by lucky owners in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. 
In essence, Bentley revived the Continental Flying Spur in 2005, as a four-door version of the Continental GT Coupe, in the true spirit of the name. The new model was available with a W12 engine and four-wheel drive and reached a top speed of 312 km / h combining luxury and sportiness in an unprecedented way. In 2013, the second generation Flying Spur was released, as a separate model line and thus the Continental was removed from the name.

Over the next few years, the car was transformed with a program of continuous development and evolution, including the addition of a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine. The third rerun of Flying Spur marks a whole new chapter in the history of Bentley's four-door Grand Touring. Without limiting itself to simple creation based on the two-door Continental GT, Bentley has redesigned the brand new Flying Spur from scratch to stand out as the ultimate combination of top luxury, elegance and performance. 

Honor Watch GS Pro smartwatch has Launch

As part of the Honor brand, a pair of new smartwatches Watch GS Pro and Watch ES have been announced. The first of the new products has a long battery life.

The Honor Watch GS Pro has a round 1.39-inch AMOLED display. The device is built in a rugged case and has passed 14 tests to meet the requirements of certification 810G. In addition to basic tracking of physical activity, this model also implements various sports modes, including winter sports. The new product includes a heart rate sensor that can work in 24/7 mode, a sensor for determining the SpO2 indicator and a GPS module.
Honor Watch GS Pro 

It also supports GPS tracking to show the return route if the user gets lost. In addition, storage is reported, sufficient for local storage of about 500 musical compositions. Other features include automatic weather forecast updates, sleep cycle tracking, and remote camera control of compatible smartphones. The watch's built-in battery provides up to 25 days of battery life during normal use. "Outdoor Workout Mode" reduces autonomy to 100 hours. With constant use of the GPS module, the battery life is 48 hours. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery. The Honor Watch GS Pro smartwatch will go on sale in Europe from September 7th at a suggested retail price of € 250.

The more affordable Honor Watch ES model is also offered to users, which blurs the line between smartwatches and a fitness tracker. The device is equipped with a 1.64-inch constantly active AMOLED display with a resolution of 456 × 280 pixels (pixel density 326 ppi). The new product has a large number of training modes (95 modes - from running to water sports).

At the same time, not only walking or running, but also rowing or elliptical trainers are automatically recognized. In addition, animated workouts are available on the watch to help you use “time slots” for your health. For example, when a user is waiting for the arrival of the desired transport or an upcoming meeting, he can do a short 3-minute workout.

There are 44 separate animations available in the watch, which will teach the user to keep fit. Additionally, this model can track heart rate 24/7, blood oxygen saturation, sleep phases, stress level, menstrual cycle. In this case, the autonomy is declared at the level of 10 days. The Honor Watch ES smartwatch will also be available in Europe from September 7, and its price is announced at € 100.

The new Huawei Watch FIT is now available

 The new Huawei Watch FIT is capable of recognizing more than 90 sports modes and is the first in the company to have a 1.64-inch rectangular AMOLED-type screen with a resolution of 456 x 286 pixels, providing a screen-to-body ratio. of 70%.

Huawei Watch FIT

In addition, it has a light sensor for the watch to be able to control the brightness of the screen automatically according to the ambient light conditions, achieving excellent visibility outdoors, ideal for when we are exercising.

It features 12 short animated training courses and 44 standardized , built- in fitness exercises to perform at home or outdoors. Among these modes, you can find short daily routines to burn fat quickly, relaxation of the neck and shoulders, exercise in the office, among others.

On the other hand, it supports 11 professional sports modes (such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, rowing) and 85 free sports modes including training, dancing, racket sports, water sports, snow sports and extreme sports. , among others.

It has more than 130 themes and wallpapers available for download so you can apply further customization, all thanks to the work of external designers.

Watch FIT is constantly monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2); the menstrual cycle and sleep habits. It also provides alerts for abnormal heart rates, menstrual reminders and fertility notifications, measures your sleep quality, and provides suggestions for improvements, among many other things.

Finally, its battery promises an autonomy of up to 10 days of continuous use , and if it runs out, you can charge it for only five minutes to have one more day of battery thanks to its fast charging system, even if you charge it for half an hour. you will have 70% charge.

The Huawei Watch FIT arrives in our country in the colors Mint Green, Sakura Pink, and Graphite Black. You can buy it right now through the Huawei online store at a price of only 99,990 .

introduction Razer Naga Pro wireless mouse with removable side

 The Razer Naga Pro is a wireless version of the Naga Trinity with an improved sensor and extra buttons. Both mice have a left side where three plates with keys can be placed. The Naga Trinity has a plate with seven buttons, with the Naga Pro it has been replaced by a plate with six buttons and a different layout.

Razer  Naga Pro

Razer states that this side plate "offers a balance between control and accessibility" and was developed for battleroyale and moba games. The two button plate is for fps games, the twelve button plate is for mmo and rts games. According to Razer, the latter record is 'optimal' for gamers who make extensive use of macros and separate functions in games.

Users can set the buttons with the Razer Synapse software. Each button can also be given an extra, secondary function via Hypershift . Up to five memory profiles can be stored on the mouse itself.

Connection to the computer is via Razer's HyperSpeed ​​Wireless connection, over the 2.4GHz band. With this connection, a battery life of 100 hours is possible. The mouse can also be connected via bluetooth, then a battery life of 150 hours is achievable. With the included charging cable, the mouse can be charged while gaming. Wireless charging is also possible, although this requires the separately available Razer Mouse Dock Chroma.

Where the Naga Trinity still used a 16,000dpi sensor, the Naga Pro uses a 20,000dpi sensor. The Naga Pro also has optical switches, where the Trinity uses mechanical switches. According to Razer, the optical variant must be able to withstand seventy million mouse clicks. The Razer Naga Pro is only available in black and is available immediately for 10k Rs.

Logitech M187 Mini Wireless Optical Mouse Review

  The pandemic that requires people to work from home may make some of you realize the importance of supporting computing accessories to support comfort while working from home.

Logitech M187

 The mouse may be one of the accessories that you consider. However, the use of a mouse on a laptop is often abandoned by users, based on the assessment of this peripheral device, it requires you to prepare a special space to store it.

 This may not be necessary for those of you who are considering brevity in storage so that you can take them in activities when the pandemic ends and your mobility is as it was before the pandemic.

Logitech has been aware of this for a long time, which is why it has introduced a very small wireless mouse, the M187. This mouse may be familiar to you, because Logitech has presented a product with a similar naming and design several years ago.

 But this time, we found one obvious difference between this new version and the previous version, namely the Logi logo embedding on the top surface. Because in the predecessor version, the logo embedded on the top surface of the device is Logitech.

 Questioning the comfort of holding the mouse when in use, even small-handed users may still think this mouse is too small. However, grasping using the palm method is that the palms cover the entire top surface of the device. Logitech M187 is still able to provide comfort.

ProcessorIntel Core i9-9900K, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
MotherboardASUS TUF Z390 Plus Gaming, ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming
RAMHyperX Fury DDR4 3200MHz16GB (2x8GB)
VGAASUS ROG Strix RTX 2060 Gaming 6G OC, Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT 8G
CoolerNoc Tua NH-L12S, Noc Tua NH-L9x65
StorageWestern Digital Black SN750 1TB, Lexar NM500 512GB
PSUCorsair RM 850X
MonitorASUS ROG Swift PG258Q
MouseCorsair Dark Core SE, Corsair Scimitar Pro
MousepadCorsair MM1000 Qi, Corsair MM800 Polaris
KeyboardCorsair K63 Wireless, Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE
HeadsetCorsair HS60, Corsair HS70

However, to press the right-click and left-click buttons, the position of the finger must be slightly raised, it can cause discomfort if used actively and for a long time. Meanwhile, the unit we tried came in white with gray trim on the sides and on the scroll wheel.

 Given its tiny size and a mouse in the casual category, it's no surprise that the Logitech M187 comes only with the support of these buttons and scroll wheel. If the top surface comes with a shiny material, on the sides, the Logitech M187 comes with a matte material.

 In addition, the scroll wheel comes in a rubber-like bandage so it is not slippery when used. Meanwhile, considering that Logitech is not promoting the M187 as a silent device, don't be surprised to hear a sound when you press the click button or roll the wheel.

 The presence of these sounds may be annoying, but if you like them because they help stimulate the brain, then the Logitech M187 is for you. And the question of precision, as long as we used it, we were only treated to a minimal lag and good precision.

 And we also need to remind you, that the Logitech M187 is a wireless mouse, so you don't have to worry about limitations or complications caused by cables. You can take advantage of this mouse directly after attaching the connecting dongle to your computer or laptop.

 This dongle is plug and play method, meaning you can use the mouse as soon as the dongle is installed on the computer, and you don't need to download or adjust certain settings first.

 In addition, you can enjoy the wireless capabilities of this mouse up to a distance of 10 meters, although it should not be obstructed by objects for the smooth navigation of the cursor. It's just that, like a mouse in general, this Logitech experiences a little pause when the mouse is placed on a shiny surface, including the floor.

 As such, we recommend that you use a mouse pad if you must use it on the floor.


Carrying the small size, we do not recommend this mouse to be used by users with large palms. Apart from size, other things that this device has to offer are quite capable of providing a pleasant user experience.

 The joy of using the Logitech M187 mouse might be even more enjoyable for budget consumers, because this mouse is offered for 999 rs.

Windows 10 support off: Your Windows version will continue to run that long

 Microsoft keeps releasing updates for Windows 10. If you don't update regularly, your operating system is susceptible to external attacks. Here we explain how you can find out how long your Windows version will run and what you still need to know about the end of support for Windows 10. The current Windows 10 version is the May update.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has opted for an operating system that is constantly being further developed instead of being replaced by newer systems. Users have to deal with updates quite often, there is a new version twice a year, a so-called function update.

If you are not always up to date, you have to keep an eye on the end of the service period, because Microsoft does not maintain the individual Windows 10 versions indefinitely. When support ends, there will be no more security updates. This makes the PC vulnerable and insecure in the long run.

Due to the corona pandemic, users of Windows 10 1809 have a little longer to worry about updating their computers. Instead of the planned May 12, 2020, Microsoft will provide the system with security updates until November 10. Users of the enterprise and education version of Windows 10 1803 can now also use the system until November 10, 2020.

Windows 10: Support for private users usually only 18 months

Windows 10 support

But how can you find out how long support for your own Windows 10 version will continue? You can remember that in addition to the latest version of Windows 10, the two predecessors are also supplied with updates. The current version is Windows 10 2004, so the two predecessors from 2019, Windows 10 1909 and Windows 10 1903 are still supported.

This information applies to private users, including when using Windows 10 Home or Pro. This means that a new Windows 10 version is supported for around 18 months, after which you have to update. Microsoft summarizes the times for the end of service for different Windows 10 versions in a table . Note that longer support times apply to corporate users.

If you stay with an old Windows version for too long, Microsoft will occasionally display messages that support is about to expire and that you should update. You shouldn't ignore this for too long, because Windows without security and quality updates is a risk.

Find out the Windows version

Windows 10 support

Not everyone knows which version of Windows is running on the system. It's not at all embarrassing, because you don't see it at first glance. But it's easy to find out. Simply press the Windows key and then type the command "winver" and confirm with the Enter key.

This command reveals the exact version number of the installed Windows. The autumn 2018 update has the version number 1809. Updates to a new Windows 10 version should simply work via Windows update. If not, you can also update manually, for example with the Media Creation Tool . Note that a backup is an important thing to do before switching to another version of Windows 10.

Next smartwatch from Huawei: Watch GT 2 Pro

 Huawei is expected to soon expand its range of watches. With the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, Huawei's previous smartwatch is getting some updates.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro in black. - WinFuture the essentials in brief.

The Watch GT 2 Pro will be the next top model among Huawei's smartwatches.

With this watch, Huawei will be in direct competition with Samsung and Apple.

GT 2 Pro

The premium device will be available soon.

A few days ago, new pictures of the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro appeared. Roland Quandt from the German blog "WinFuture" has now confirmed a lot of information about the smartwatch.

The watch is the direct evolution of the Watch GT 2. In terms of specifications, the noble model does not differ too much from its predecessor. The screen is 1.39 inches and offers a resolution of 454x454 pixels.

The new smartwatch from Huawei comes in two colors. - WinFuture

The stainless steel housing in which the display is located has a diameter of 46 millimeters. The plastic and leather watch straps will probably remain interchangeable.

The device is operated with Huawei's own operating system and 32 megabytes of RAM. The memory for music, pictures or the like offers space for 4 gigabytes. The 455 mAh battery will bring a lot of stamina. The watch should withstand charging for up to 14 days.

First smartwatch in the series with wireless charging

This is where the most important innovation comes into play: The Watch GT 2 Pro is the first smartwatch from Huawei's GT series that can be charged wirelessly. This makes it more similar to existing watches from various other smartwatch manufacturers.

The watch now also offers Bluetooth 5.1 for connecting to devices. You can also connect Bluetooth headphones and listen to music stored on the device.

The watch also has other expected functions. It also works as a sports and health tracker.

This is how elegant the Watch GT 2 Pro looks in the black version. - WinFuture

The wearer can record various workouts, including swimming. It is possible to record and evaluate sleep . Pulse, stress , and blood oxygen measurements are also an option.

According to "WinFuture", the device will be available in the next few weeks at a price of 280 Euro


 The  Apple Watch  reported surprising numbers. During the second quarter of the year, the Apple Watch increased its annual sales in the United States, being one of the few  wearables  that achieved it, according to the Canalys study   on the sales of mobile devices in the period from April to June.

In the second quarter, Apple managed to sell 3.2 million watches in the United States, a figure that was enough to control 37.6 percent of the market, says Canalys . Apple Watch units sold during the period increased 9 percent, the report added. 


Canalys high lights that Apple's smart watch was able to grow and distribute more units despite the Corona virus pandemic . The Apple Watch Series 5 became the best-selling watch in the United States during the period and the units sold were equal to those of its predecessor last year. 

During the same period, Samsung was one of the hardest hit companies. The Samsung Watch went from controlling 10.6 percent of the market in the United States in the second quarter of 2019, to 5 percent in the same period of 2020. In the period it sold 400,000 units, says Canalys, half of the previous period. 

Canalys predicts that manufacturers will focus from 2021 on making new  health-focused watches and  wearables , a category that will allow manufacturers to draw a larger gap between their high-end products and more basic bracelets. 

smart speaker spying on you? How to turn off the microphone

 In addition to our computers, mobiles and tablets, one of the devices that have gained a greater presence and prominence in most homes are smart speakers. Specifically, those that have an integrated assistant that allows us to interact with the device itself and which we can ask to play music for us, save us a reminder, tell us what time it is going to do tomorrow or notify us of any event we schedule. However, the fact that these devices are “listening” poses a danger to our privacy, as they could store certain confidential information from our conversations. That is why we are going to show how to deactivate the microphone of the smart speakers with the assistants Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

These types of speakers are devices connected to the Internet and have an integrated assistant capable of recognizing certain voice commands. In this way, it is possible to ask almost anything to the assistant through the loudspeaker and he will give us an answer immediately.

Today there are different virtual assistants that work in this way, but the three most popular and used in this type of device are Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple's Siri. The way they function is very similar, they have to be connected to the Internet to be able to consult what we request and they have a microphone through which they are able to listen to us.

Do they really listen to our conversations?

Through this microphone, they are continuously listening to detect if at some point someone says the activation command. For each assistant a different command is used, in the case of Alexa it is simply " Alexa ", while for the Google assistant and Siri we must say " Ok Google " and " Hey Siri " respectively. From that moment, the assistant listens and records the command that we indicate and tries to obtain a response. This information that we request is sent over the Internet, in encrypted form, to the company's servers, something that has led to many rumors leaking about the possibility that Amazon, Google or Apple workers would be listening or could listen all conversations that users have with their assistants.

How to turn off the microphone

Now, things get complicated when, in addition to the commands dictated to the assistants, they could also be listening to the private conversations of the users while the assistants integrated in the smart speakers are simply listening to the activation command. This is where the privacy of users would clearly be at risk.

The truth is that both the Amazon assistant and Google and Apple have been involved at certain times in certain scandals that have to do with the privacy of users and listening to private conversations. Perhaps the most recent is that of Amazon, when a major medium discovered that thousands of recordings were listened to and analyzed daily from the company. Something that, on the other hand, was done confidentially, without knowing anything about the identity of the users, but which, nevertheless, could contain any personal and private information.

Google also admitted that certain pieces of audio recorded by its assistant are listened to by third parties in order to improve its product. However, the company always indicated that the recorded information is anonymous, although the truth is that if the conversation reveals personal data, they could be overheard.

To avoid this, it is best to turn off the speaker microphone , in this way the assistant will not be able to hear anything until we activate it again. Therefore, we should have the microphone deactivated until the moment in which we are going to say the activation command of the assistant, which would be the moment to activate it, and once we have consulted what we wanted, we should deactivate it again.

How to disable the microphone of your smart speaker


If we have a smart speaker with Alexa integrated and it is one of the models from the manufacturer Amazon itself, we will find a button on the top or on one of the sides to activate and deactivate the microphone. Therefore, all we have to do is press this button so that it remains off and cannot hear anything, and activate it just at the moment of saying the “Alexa” assistant activation command. Once the request or interaction with the Amazon assistant is finished, we must make sure to press the button again to turn it off and that it does not listen.


Another recommendation is to delete the history of voice commands that we have requested from the assistant through our smart speaker. For this we have several options:

Tell the assistant himself to delete everything we have said.

Enter the Amazon website, log in and enter the Alexa Privacy options> Check voice history> Delete all recordings.

Enter the Alexa app, log in and enter Alexa Privacy> Check voice history> Delete all recordings.

Google Assistant

As with Amazon speakers, Google Home devices also have a physical button that allows us to easily turn off the microphone. Specifically, in the Google Home we will find it at the bottom , while in other models such as the Google Home Minio or the Google Nest Mini, the switch will be found on the side of the smart speaker.

In any case, on Google devices, the only thing we have to do to prevent our conversations from being recorded even when the smart speaker has not been activated with the corresponding command, is to press on this button to deactivate the microphone. Thus, nothing we are talking about at home can be listened to, recorded and sent to the company's servers.

disable microphone

Thus, the only thing we will have to do to interact with the Google assistant through the smart speaker is to click on the microphone button so that it can listen to us, say the activation command and request what we need from the assistant. Once finished, just press the button again to turn off the speaker mic and Google Assistant is not listening.

As we previously indicated with Amazon devices, from the Google My Activity web page it is possible to erase or delete all the history of commands used. For it:

We go to the page of My Google Activity.

We select the option Delete activity by, which is shown in the menu on the left side.

We choose from when we want to delete the information.

If we choose Since Always or we want to establish a period of time between two dates we will have to select the services for which we want to delete this information. In this case, we must make sure to check the Wizard option.

Finally, we will be shown the command history that we have sent with our own voice to the assistant and we can confirm its elimination.


The Apple environment as everyone already knows is something peculiar and is always surrounded by a certain secrecy. There are those who indicate that the assistant's listening program would have been temporarily deactivated due to the criticism received, although when in doubt, it is best to take measures and avoid that they cannot record us.

In addition, unlike the Google and Amazon assistants, Apple does not allow you to delete the recording history, although it has been promising for a long time that it will not save this history in the future. Another difference is that the Apple Homepod does not have a physical button that allows us to deactivate the microphone and therefore, the assistant stops listening to us through the smart speaker.

However, just say " Hey Siri, stop listening " and it will automatically turn off the speaker mic. In principle, it is somewhat more comfortable than having to press a physical button on the smart speaker, but for many people it is likely that it seems safer to turn it off with a button than through a command. However, we must trust that this is the case, since once we request that Siri stop listening, it will stop doing it automatically and will not listen to us again until we press on the top of the HomePod.

disable microphone

As we just mentioned, the Apple assistant does not allow us to delete the command history, but from the iOS application settings it is possible to disable access to personal information by Siri. Of course, we must know that if we do this, we will not be able to access Messages, Contacts, Calendar, etc.