Saturday, September 5, 2020

Brabham BT62R Car Review For Buy Or Not

Brabham presents its BT62 supercar in a “street legal” version, ie approved for road use. No need to rush to book it. Its price excluding tax and penalty is very high: € 1.4 million (£ 1.25 million) while the Competition and Ultimate Track versions “only cost” € 844,000 (£ 750,000) and € 1.13 million. (£ 1m). The second very important point for putting the car on road asphalt is its approval, “only for certain markets”, specifies the Australian manufacturer, “according to local legislation and potential customers”. Two versions of the BT62R are offered, Signature and Celebration sporting one of the 35 winning Brabham decorations in the F1 Grand Prix.

The big differences between this road version of the BT62 (read here) and the pistarde are at the level of the aerodynamics: front bumper (splitter), rear diffuser and spoiler are specific and less important. Note the appearance of an engine air intake on the roof. The ride height is adjustable via a button on the instrument panel, varying from 70 to 130 mm. The exhaust is less free in order to respect a regulatory noise level. The pneumatic installation is entrusted to Goodyear with semi-slick Eagle F1 SuperSport.
The interior treatment follows the same search for “comfort”: better thermal and soundproofing, air conditioning, heated windshield, more welcoming carbon fiber bucket seats covered in leather and / or Alcantara with contrasting stitching, sky roof covered with Alcantara, remote door locking, audio system and custom internal storage compartments. The instrument panel features a new digital control panel with an option to revert to the track-oriented display for track use. Rear view camera back view is available.

The engine of the Brabham BT62R uses the naturally aspirated 5.4L V8 of the Competition and Ultimate Track versions. It develops a power of 710 hp (522 kW at 7400 rpm) and 667 Nm (at 6200 rpm) of torque and its mapping is specific to road use. This V8, mounted longitudinally in the rear center position, measures 94 mm of bore and 97 mm of stroke, ie 5,387 cm3. The compression ratio is 10.5: 1. Its base is the 5.0L Ford “Coyote” V8 found on the Mustang . Many versions of this V8 from the Modular Ford family are available, with the blue oval marque using it in a 5.2L “Voodoo” version to power the Mustang GT350 / R (2018).

In this iteration, the V8 is fitted with a flat crankshaft and produces 533 hp (392 kW at 7,500 rpm) and 582 Nm (at 4,750 rpm), with a higher compression ratio of 12.0: 1 . The 94mm bore is the same, only the 93mm stroke has been changed to 97mm. Christian Reynolds, Australian director of Brabham Automotive , which oversees manufacturing of the BT62 at the Adelaide plant, has confirmed that the V8 engine is supplied by a third party and then heavily modified by the company. The block is assisted by a 6-speed sequential gearbox, with paddles on the steering wheel, whose gear ratio has been revised to be suitable for road use.

Owners of the “Signature Series” have complete freedom of the color of their car while those of the “Celebration Series” version will be able to choose from one of the 35 racing liveries celebrating the 35 victories of the Brabham team in Formula 1 . The chosen livery is exclusive and will never be reproduced. Owners of the “Celebration Series” also receive additional luxury treatments, including gold badges and Brabham's own “Track Pack”, including the rear spoiler, front splitter and rear diffuser with track variants, offering the road BT62R the same aerodynamic properties and downforce as the circuit BT62.