Saturday, September 5, 2020

First impressions of the Huawei FreeBuds 3i

 After the FreeBuds 3 , Huawei presented the FreeBuds 3i, ideal wireless headphones for those who are on the go and do not want to stop listening to their favorite music or watch a chapter of their series in turn while on the go.

Instead of a circular case, the brand opted for an elongated one for its new pieces, which can be carried in the trouser bag without any problem. This time, he also decided to include rubber bands as part of his design, for a better fit in the ear (the FreeBuds 3 did not have them).

Huawei FreeBuds 3i

And yes, the headphones do fit well, as long as the user uses the correct size rubber for their ear. Otherwise, it is possible that one of the units falls to the ground in some displacement or when moving the head.

Clear sound

When it comes to wanting to enjoy a chapter of a series or a video, the experience offered by the FreeBuds 3i is satisfactory. The dialogues are clear and pausing the playback, when removing one of the earphones from the ear, is also easy.

Regarding listening to music on Spotify or another streaming platform , there is no complaint either: the sound offered is clear and powerful. Of course, it is necessary to be sure that active noise cancellation - one of the main characteristics of the pair - is enabled.

Due to the design of the headphones, it is easy for outside noises to interfere with the listening experience, so the options are - especially in open places - to fit them perfectly to the ear and use them in their best configuration, that is, with cancellation. noise activated.

Huawei FreeBuds 3i

Like its competition, the FreeBuds 3i respond to gestures: with a couple of taps on the left earpiece, it is possible to pause playback or go to the next song, while with the same action on the right, activate the voice assistant or go to the previous song.

By keeping your finger pressed on any of the pieces, noise cancellation can be activated or deactivated, in addition to the Awareness mode , which allows the entry of outside sounds, according to the manufacturer.

There is no problem with the pair of taps, the hearing aids recognize it well, however, you have to insist a little more with the long touch to be effective, which can be a bit exasperating for the user.

Control of FreeBuds 3i

In order to configure the different options of the FreeBuds 3i, it is necessary to download the Huawei AI Life application on the cell phone . From here, it is possible to see the charge of each of the headphones and the case; check if there are any software updates available; and set the action for when a double tap is made on each of the pieces. Likewise, the app allows you to select the different noise control modes, such as Noise Cancellation and Awareness , by long-pressing any of the units.

It is a simple mobile development that offers the basic control options of the 3i FreeBuds. It is not a platform to calibrate or customize the sound they deliver, which Huawei could consider for future editions.

The FreeBuds 3i offer a range of around 180 minutes on a single charge. In addition, the case provides an additional 14.5 hours (it charges power through a USB Type-C port).

In other words, the hearing aids are going to respond well to the playback demands of users throughout the day, without having to worry about charging them part-time.

The purchase package only includes one cable, so the user will have to use the USB port of their computer or the charger of their cell phone to have them 100 percent.

Quick conclusion

The FreeBuds 3i are well positioned for those users who are looking for headphones to take with them on a day-to-day basis, mainly to listen to their favorite music, watch a chapter of their series in turn or take a call without using the phone.

Its sound and noise cancellation do not reach the level that other manufacturers offer, however, its price - around $ 125 dollars - is not as high as that of its competition.