Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Best Programs For WiFi Connection In Windows 10

Who else and who is less sure has discovered that their Internet connection is suddenly slower than normal and they do not know what the reason is. At a glance, we can tell if there is a problem with our ISP if the router's Internet light is solid red, flashing red, or not on. In this case, we must contact customer service and report the possible failure.

However, there are many other reasons or reasons why our connection may become unstable or slow down. In this case, it is better that we have an application that allows us to manage our WiFi network under Windows 10.

One option to change or review some of our network settings is to enter the settings of the router itself, however the information it provides and the settings we have access to may be limited. That is why a good option is to use an application that has been developed to help us control the different aspects or factors that can influence the proper functioning of our network, channels, signal level, saturation, interference, etc.

Applications to control your WiFi network in Windows 10

One of the main difficulties is knowing what the reason for the connection problems is, therefore, a very useful application can be the one that allows us to carry out a general diagnosis of our wireless network in order to know the real status and which one can be . be our problem.

Network diagnostics
In this sense, one of the applications that we can use is Acrylic Wi-Fi Home. It is a software from which we can completely free ourselves from the official website of the tool and that allows us to know all the available access points and within our reach, analyze the signal level, review the WiFi channels to know which is the best for us in each case, check the configuration, check factory passwords, etc.

To start using Acrylic Wi-Fi Home the first thing we have to do is go to its official website, enter our name and email address and we will automatically receive an email with the download link. . We click on the file that has been saved on our computer and the installation wizard will automatically appear.

Signal or connection problems
One of the common problems is that within the same house there are certain places where the WiFi signal does not reach the power it should and that means that we cannot navigate or at least in sweetness. To know the range of our wireless network and solve some signal or connection problems, we can download and install the NetSpot tool on our Windows 10 computer.

This is an application capable of creating a map to show the range and quality of the signal of our wireless network throughout the house. In this way, we can know the scope of our network based on the location of our router. Therefore, in addition to helping us to detect if the connection problem is due to the signal not reaching a certain point, it makes it easier for us to know where is the best place to place the router.

Some things, like thick walls or waves emitted by other devices, can affect the intensity and range of our signal. With NetSpot, we can find all these details easily. Download NetSpot .

This section also includes another interesting tool, WirelessNetView . It is a fairly experienced application developed by Nirsoft and very easy to use. In addition, it is portable, so we can take it and run it on the computer wherever we want without the need for facilities.

The tool shows us important information to correctly choose the ideal channel for our wireless network. One of the main problems of our Internet connection is the amount of interference that we can find with the WiFi networks of our neighbors. Therefore, selecting a suitable channel will help us improve the performance of our network.

It shows negative dBm values ​​to know the strength of the signal, the frequency at which each SSID has been detected, as well as the MAC addresses and IP addresses of each connected device or to be able to detect open WiFi networks.

Homedale is another of the most popular applications when we talk about tools that allow us to measure the signal strength of our wireless network. It is a free and easy-to-use software that shows the signal strength of the networks that surround us or that are within our reach. In addition, it offers information on the frequencies of each of them and has a location detector to send the exact position through Google maps. Needless to say, it also shows data like SSID, MAC address, signal strength, and the strength of each network, etc.