Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Jeep showed a real luxury SUV

They ’ve been talking about resurrecting the Grand Wagoneer at Jeep for about six years . The first public version has now been completed, but they are visibly wary of the more expensive model than the Fiat Chrysler, so for the time being it has only been introduced as a study car.

The new model isn’t really special at a glance: it’s a nice big SUV that’s already offered by a relatively large number of brands in North America, perhaps in a slightly more ornate edition than the usual Jeep. However, the two-tone paint finish and the fully chrome-plated grille suggest that this model brings a different vibe to the offer than what has been characteristic of the brand so far.

The point is that the standard version of this model will also be available for purchase for around $ 60,000, and the top versions will arrive at around $ 100,000. This brings the Jeep to a foreign ground: in addition to the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade, this price range will have to compete with models from German, British and Japanese luxury brands: that's why the Audi Q7, BMW X7 or Mercedes GLS are available.

For the time being, all that is known about the future series model is that the technical foundations of the large Jeep come from the Ram 1500 pickup, and at least two versions are available, one with a shorter and one with a longer wheelbase. Based on the photos, it’s hard to judge what the Grand Wagoneer’s sense of quality has become - the factor that has made the more expensive Jeeps receive the most criticism in the past, but there’s no question that competitiveness in the premium category depends primarily on that.

However, the study is probably one of the cars featuring most monitors: only four LCD screens were placed on the dashboard and three more in the rear seat row, so five out of a possible seven passengers are sure to have some kind of mouse cinema. In addition, the on-board electronics program is new: the fifth generation of the connect system is said to be many times faster than the four major versions used in current series models.

Although the Grand Wagoneer is now officially still a study, it is said to be very close to the finished state. Production may start as early as next year, so the series version is expected to be introduced in the next quarter.