Saturday, September 5, 2020

WhatsApp Announces 6 Previously Undisclosed Vulnerabilities

WhatsApp has created a new information page in line with the feedback from users. This page, which was given information about the security vulnerabilities in the application, revealed 6 security vulnerabilities that have not been disclosed until now. According to WhatsApp's statement, these vulnerabilities did not affect any user.

WhatsApp , the world's most popular instant messaging application with more than 2 billion users , is therefore one of the first targets of hackers. WhatsApp has created a new information page to be more transparent about the attacks on the feedback it receives from users. WhatsApp's new information page also mentions 6 vulnerabilities that have never been disclosed until now  .

It is stated that 5 of the 6 vulnerabilities specified in the new notification page created by WhatsApp were closed on the day they were detected. Stating that it takes a few days to close 1 security vulnerability, WhatsApp stated that although some security vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely, users can not find evidence that they are affected by these vulnerabilities.

According to the information on the new WhatsApp page, approximately 1/3 of the detected vulnerabilities were reported through the application's "Bug Bounty" award program. Expressing that other vulnerabilities were discovered during automated systems and regular checks, WhatsApp underlined that they care about security vulnerabilities .

According to the statements made by WhatsApp, the information page will  be updated monthly . In addition, WhatsApp will be able to update this notification page without waiting for the update cycle as soon as it discovers a security issue that should alert users  . Users will be able to learn about all past security vulnerabilities and risks dating back to 2018 through this information page. You can access the page created by WhatsApp with the title of " Security Advice " by using the link found.